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Portrait oil on board, 29.5" x 19.5"

Martha M Smith,91 in 2021

My mom, 2021 Cinnamon Beach, FL. Prep work for painting study.

George W Smith, JR_

Dad's Highschool graduation photo. Probably 1947. He really did have that hair!

Mom after 1957

Marty Manker Smith, probably at the time she interned at NY Hospital after college.

Ruth Deobler Manker, 1937

Ruth Deobler Manker, grandma in her youth.

Canna Lily-pastel 24x36_edited

Canna Lily,Pan Pastel, 24x36

The Tiger and the Magpie a Korean folk painting transcription

I had a desire to make art again but I wanted to try something different. I've always loved printmaking and felt this image was easily within that style. Then I fell into centuries of images describing Korea's adoration of the Tiger. I fell in love with this story. I hope this will be only the first I transcribe.

The Tiger and the Magpie-detail

This is a detail of The Tiger and The Magpie folk painting. Here you can see the Magpies, the Cicada, and the Magic Mushrooms in the three sacred mountains.

Tiger face, chalk pastel pencil.

Tiger Face, pastel pencil on Pastelmat paper. 9.5" x 12"

Cynthia Consentino's Braid, 2

38" x 50" Arches, Conte Stick Private Collection Portland, Oregon

Cynthia Consentino's Braid, 1

38" x 50" Conte Stick Private Collection Portland Oregon

This Place

48" x 60" B & W Study in Graphite, Conte, Ink and Oil

Drawing Study

48" x 60" Arches Paper, Ink, Conte, Graphite. Sold to Exxon Corporation, NY, NY.


48" x 60" Graphite, Conte on Arches Paper Private Collection This drawing tells the story of my own adoption, the laws that keep us all apart, and the rights adoptees still don't have to know their origins. All people should have a right to know their medical history and children should be able to know whom they came from at a certain age. I was blessed to be raised by the people who adopted me, many aren't so fortunate.


36" x 27" Printing Ink Private Collection Portland, OR


48" x 60" Caran D'ache


22" x 15" Walnut Hand Carving. Private Collection, Santa Barbara, CA.

Self Portrait

18" Head Private Collection, PA.

head, self portrait

18" Private Collection, Willow Grove, PA.

Figure Study

Plaster, 18" Private Collection Florida

Study of the Figure

Plaster, 18" Private Collection Florida

Mandala Relief

A Work In Progress Acrylic on engraving

Some Things Are Just For Fun

A nice big Pumpkin

Poor Poor Pumpkin Man

Just fun. Shhhh!

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