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Walnut End Tables

Join to create one table!

Walnut Endtables
End Table Design Model

I create a 3-D model of design ideas so the client can have a good idea of what each deign will look like and how it will function.


Santa Barbara, CA Guanacaste Parota Dining Table


My first Slab Table- Guanacaste Parota. Los Angeles, CA.


The clients had bought the slab and were looking for a woodworker to build the table. North Hollywood, CA.

16' Slab Dining Table

16' x 52" at its widest end. This 3" thick Guanacasta Parota Slab is such a beauty to behold and literally lives in a space designed for it. Vancouver

16' Dining Table

Guanacaste Parota Dining Table, Vancouver

16 foot dining table-detail

We kept one live edge and straightened the other to feel the fit with the space. Vancouver

Slab Table Base Detail

Leg detail of the slab table base.


One of a kind outside dining table made from shipping dunnage.

Bob's Stool 2013 detail front copy
Bob's Stool 2013 3-4 shot copy
Window Table
Art-Window table onsite

Art Collectors must have furniture that reflects their desire for creativity. Window table.

Window Table Detail
Window Table onsite

I studied fine art at The Cooper Union, NY, Ny. I have made several tables honoring the work and vision of Piet Mondrian.

Window Table In the finishing process
Bedside tables 2

modern bedside tables designed for modern living with cord channels and ports, cubbies blocked from site and secret storage areas.

Bedside Tables

modern bedside tables designed for modern living with cord ports, cubbies blocked from site and secret storage areas.

Coffee Table

Glass, Jatoba Commissioned by A & L

Detail of Coffee Table Sculptural Support


Glass Top Coffee Table

A beautiful coffee table, light and airy yet sturdy and grounded.

Coffee Table Base Detail

A lovely concept for a glass top coffee table combined with sculpture.

Concrete Desk with lots of wood!

50th birthday gift to himself, this is Bob's Desk. He realized how much time he spends at his desk so he decided to make it his own.

modern wood and concrete desk
Concrete and wood-Desk

This shows the large slab of concrete with wood components passing through. Car parts embedded in the concrete. The entire piece comes apart like a puzzle.

desk detail

He wanted the concrete to look like it was salvaged from a demolition site. Don't worry, it's hollow!

Concrete finishing-desk

Here I am polishing the concrete and acid staining the top.

Concrete Desk

This shows the detail of the wire chase the monitor attaches to passing through a protruding leg. Everything is a wire chase in this desk to keep the flowing lines.


Laguna Beech, CA Zebrawood, pickled steel plate.


A commissioned Zebrawood Dining Table Laguna Beech, CA.

Zebrawood table-pickled steel detail

The pickled steel leg design carried to the top as if the zebrawood was the jewel of the ring.


Commissioned by an artist, located in Chicago


Sycamore, Walnut, Cherry 24" x 54" x 17"

Cherry Server 1860 Southern France

A beautiful Cherrywood Server, 1860 South France copy. We left out the part where it was badly burned and the drawers were falling apart. This server will last another 300 years +.


We hand made the pulls to look identical to the original pulls. The clients wanted the finish to be on the lighter side.

Server-sideboard-Medullary Ray

The original server was too low for their entry so we made this a bit taller and it fit in perfectly.

Reclaimed Writing Desk

Home office desk. Reclaimed wood, distressed.

Reclaimed Desk_edited

I have made a few tables where the wood was from work benches. This distressing mimics the work bench theme.

Headboard and night stands

Headboard and night stands with reading light.

Jatoba Headboard

Made with Jatoba, there are storage cubbies above the pillows and a reading light in the steel top.


Modern headboard and side tables, Jatoba.

Zebra Wood Dining Table

A commissioned piece living in Southern CA overlooking the ocean.

1860 Cherry French Server

The hand cut dovetailed drawers were a beautiful touch added to this server. Its so nice to have a drawer function properly on an "antique".


The wood beams were salvaged from my home when I took an extra room to make more shop space. I thought I'd make a bench but the wood was too pretty

dining table-mondrian
Sapele Dining Table

Custom Made to fit their farmhouse dining area.

Headboard-dresser-grass theme

Their bed was in the center of the room. This is the view as you arrive at the top of the stairs. Grasses through the French doors beyond.

Headboard-dresser -bookshelves

Dresser, jewelry storage, book shelves, storage cubbies behind the pillows, reading lights and bedside tables and drawers.

Headboard dresser detail

The inlay and sculptural headboard are inspired by the hilltop location with grasses all around.


The swiss army knife of furniture!

headboard detail

Grasses motif in the sculptural headboard.

Headboard dresser reading light

Hand made pivoting reading lights operated with a potentiometer located in the storage cubbies behind the pillows.

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