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Medullary Ray

Wood Wallets

and Business Card Cases

by Jacquelyn Smith 


01 about

I design and build stunning Wood Wallets and Business Card Cases. These small pocket treasures combine the beauty of wood and strong design with an elegant result.

Take a look in my SHOP to find your beautiful Wood Wallet! Or, buy a Gift Card for that special someone.

And, if you're just looking, be sure to check out my gallery.


02 shop

medullary Ray- wood wallet - tropical oak

Oak Wood Wallet and Business Card Case

Hand Made Wood Cases

Shop Wallets and Cases

3"x3" Square Business Card Case

3 x 3 Square Business Card Case

Click any one of the photos above and you will be taken to my online store.
I am slowly adding items into the shop. 
If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me through the contact form at the bottom of the page. 



03 portfolio


04 clients

I have been blessed to work with amazing clients throughout my 38 years of working with wood. Below are a couple reviews of what its like to work with me.


"Beautiful craftmanship, spectacular wood and a very nice seller!
Jacquelyn took the time to answer all my questions (I had a lot) and really went out of her way to make the case exactly as I wanted it (I was very picky and concerned with every detail). A lot of custom details are possible (like the sharp corners in/on my case or the vertical layout) and you can choose the exact piece of wood (via sample pictures). If you have a special wish, just ask Jacquelyn and she will make it happen!
I received my case yesterday and I can't put it down. I have to open and close it all the time and look at the engraving.
If you are looking for a unique and very special piece that everybody will be jealous of, order here. You will understand my enthusiasm when you first hold your case in your hands!" -Fabian H.


“Jacquelyn is a truly talented artist who is a joy to work with. She was a great listener in trying to understand what we wanted to accomplish, and then added her thoughts in an insightful and sensitive manner. The result is a unique table that is perfectly suited to our space and is a wonderful artistic expression of Jacquelyn's abilities. Jacquelyn involved us in the process from the design stage to choosing the ideal wood to the finishing touches. It was far different from merely ordering a table but more of an intimate involvement in the entire project. We have worked with many artists but never one with a combination of passion, talent and an intense desire to please. I recommend her highly!” - Alan R


05 contact



I hope you have enjoyed looking through my Shop. Each Wallet and Card case I make is a unique piece designed with the wood and use in mind. Dimensions vary slightly as a result of wood density and the hand made process.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about my work using the contact form below.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my work on this site. 

Thanks for visiting!

Questions? Send me a message . . .



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