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Cedar Card Case

Aeromatic Cedar smells wonderful and in this case, looks amazing too! What a beautiful wood wallet this is. I love the knot! Of course we don't always get a knot in every board but it's nice when it works out. 

This wood case will hold credit cards, business cards and little cash. This wallet is made from Aeromatic Cedar, Blackwood trim and a Bocote accent. Dynamic colors, extremely lightweight yet durable. Feels smooth in your hand and wonderful to use!

Holds about 8 credit cards with a few business cards or a little cash. Wood grain and color will vary from piece to piece. 

Wood hinge, tiny magnetic closure that keeps the lid shut even when upside down.

Hand made by me, Jacquelyn Smith, in my Oregon wood shop! 
Made in the USA

Cedar Card Case

PriceFrom $97.00
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